Dow Chemical: Green Chemicals from Cradle to Cradle

上In the 1980s and 1990s, with the rise of global environmentalism and the strengthening of the traditional manufacturing industry's environmental policy constraints, chemical giants began to increase investment in energy conservation and emission reduction and green and safe products.

The 112-year-old Dow Chemical Company is recognized as a leader in this sport. From 2001 to 2008, Dow Chemical was listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the eighth consecutive year. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is the first indicator system to evaluate the financial performance of companies committed to sustainable development on a global scale. In China, Dow's efforts in energy conservation and ecology have also been well received. At the "2009 China Beijing High-tech Industry International Week" held in June this year, Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd. relied on excellent operational eco-efficiency. As well as outstanding contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction in China and around the world, it was rated as “Top Ten Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Marking Enterprise”.

In the past few decades, human and environmental factors have been integrated into Dow's overall business strategy, and Dow's “blood vessels” now flow with “green blood”. As early as 1994, Dow was the first in the world to propose the “Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Decade Objectives” plan for 1995-2005. The specific objectives of this “10-year plan” include: 90% reduction in work-related injuries and illnesses, 90% reduction in primary spills, 90% reduction in process safety incidents, 90% reduction in cargo transportation accidents, and 50% reduction in vehicle safety accidents. Waste discharge is reduced by 50% and sewage discharge is reduced by 50%.

“After continuous improvement, innovation and the joint efforts of all employees, these goals have been basically achieved in 2005 after 10 years, and have achieved great results.” Dennis Chung, Director, Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical Environment, Health and Safety ) told BusinessWeek that during the 10 years, Dow reduced industrial emissions by 56% based on a 31% increase in production. Reduced emissions of 730,000 tons of solid waste, which is enough to accumulate up to 1 meter on 270 football fields; reduced waste discharge by 83 million tons, which is equivalent to one year's water consumption of 800,000 Chinese households; enough energy saved 8 million American families use for one year.

At the same time, this strategy has brought considerable economic benefits. Between 1995 and 2005, the company invested $1 billion to improve processes and technologies to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and promote safe production, resulting in a cumulative savings of $5 billion.

On this basis, in 2005, Dow developed the “2015 Sustainable Development Goals”. This Dow's second “10-year plan” covers three aspects: “Sustainable Chemicals through Innovation and Product Safety Supervision”. "; Actively undertake corporate social responsibility; reduce the impact on the environment. In the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, Dow announced that it will increase energy efficiency by 25% from 2006 to 2015. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 2.5% per year.

Dow's “2015 Sustainable Development Goals” received wide attention and praise. Zhong Ruilin told reporters that since 2006, Dow has made active efforts in community cooperation to ensure the safety of the entire product life cycle and to make efficient use of the earth's resources and reduce the impact on the environment.


In the production process, Dow puts more stringent requirements on clean production and safe production. Zhong Ruilin said that Dow Chemical is located in all factories around the world. The production processes, processes, job preparation and the computers and tools used are the same. The company can use the uniform standards for requirements, training and assessment. At the same time, the “zero tolerance” policy has been extended to the areas of safety, health and environmental protection, such as zero injury and zero accidents in the field of safe production. Dow has careful and thoughtful "care" for the chemicals it produces from "birth" to the final entry into the "grave."

The reporter interviewed Dow at a home production base in Asia's largest production base. The garden-style factory layout, clean and tidy production facilities in the factory area, especially integrated into every corner of the production base, the safety concept of each employee and The serious implementation of the various security measures is impressive.

Since 2005, Dow has invested RMB 8 million to cooperate with China's State Environmental Protection Administration to promote a cleaner production demonstration project to promote cleaner production practices in small and medium-sized enterprises in chemistry and related industries. Dow and the State Environmental Protection Administration have set up a working group to use Dow's global chemical technology and its expertise to train and guide companies in China's chemical, printing and dyeing, brewing, electronics, food and other industries. The results of the 2006 pilot enterprise audit showed that 21 pilot enterprises had implemented more than 700 clean production programs, and obtained economic benefits of 36 million yuan, while sewage treatment decreased by 1.676 million tons, waste gas decreased by 24 million cubic meters, and sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 667.2. Tons, saving 2.767 million kWh, saving 3.728 million tons of water and 108,000 tons of coal.

"The earth we live in requires the support and maintenance of all people. Everything Dow does for the environment and society is to make people live a better life; Dow's contribution will never stop." Say.

Sustainable development can be a highly profitable business strategy

-- Interview with Zhong Ruilin, Director of Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical Environment, Health and Safetyr






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