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The first water paint fair will be held in the Bird's Nest in Beijing

Following the first brush of the “Nour Oil to Water” environmental protection in the National Stadium’s Bird’s Nest in August this year, the Bird’s Nest will once again be associated with the water paint. The first Water Paint Expo and Water Paint Festival will kick off at the Beijing Bird’s Nest on September 22nd. . By then, more than 300 paints and upstream and downstream enterprises such as Chenyang Water Paint will gather in the Bird's Nest to talk about the trend of “oil to water”.

Fighting against the blue sky and defending the air pollution prevention and control work in autumn and winter has already reached the stage of tackling the hardship. As the first year of the "Atmosphere Ten", the first year of the "Atmosphere Ten" is at the same time as the coating industry is on the 9th and the 10th, the "oil to water" is related to the increasingly severe atmospheric governance, which is related to the survival of thousands of companies. Concerning the life and health of 1.4 billion consumers, the Water Paint Expo has attracted much attention. The theme of the first Water Paint Expo and Water Paint Festival is “Environmental Protection, Integration, Docking and Water-based”, which will be held in the Bird’s Nest Olympic Grand Family Hall from September 22-23. As the first professional exhibition for water lacquer in China, this year's lacquer fair will be a grand gathering of China's national brand lacquer. At present, dozens of the most powerful domestic brands such as Chenyang lacquer have confirmed their participation.

According to the organizer, during the Expo, heavy events such as industry standard presentations, advanced technology sharing, and water paint trend report release will be held. With the approach of the Expo, the arrangements for the release of dealers and downstream enterprises, the release of new water paints, and the painting of water paints will also be announced. According to relevant data, in 2016, China's total coating output was nearly 19 million tons, ranking first in the world, and oil paints accounted for about 80%. Paints are large volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the high proportion of paints is in urgent need of change. The promotion of water paints should be strengthened. According to industry analysts, the current national policy has been continuously increased. The first environmentally-friendly standard of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Standard for Building Materials and Adhesive Volatile Organic Compounds (Standards for Environmentally Friendly Coatings and Adhesives) was officially implemented on September 1st. Water is already the trend of the times. Under the environmental protection situation of “strict supervision and high standards”, the water paint industry is in the period of development opportunities. The water paint fair will be a strong breakout of the domestic water paint cluster. The domestic water paint brand will lead the transformation of the paint industry with the responsible image of “high standards, high technology and low pollution” to guide the market consumption. The reporter found in the upstream and downstream industries of the water paint that although the water paint has entered China for many years, there are still many problems in the process of “oil-to-water” in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain.

To this end, at the expo, the company also arranged the “oil to water” demand release link for the downstream industry, helping to realize the direct docking of the upstream and downstream demand of the water paint industry, and helping the water paint industry chain to develop healthily and rapidly.

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