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The encyclopedia of the chemical industry

Chen Wensen, born in 1946, is a professor-level senior engineer and 33 years old. He served as the deputy director of the former Zhejiang Provincial Petrochemical Department, so everyone used to call him Chen Chenchang.

Chen’s character is easy-going and has the boldness of the northerners and the delicateness of the southerners. His greatest feature is love learning, the greatest pleasure is learning, is a typical academic officer. On the one hand, because he has been engaged in industry management for many years, he has a unique eye for the macroeconomic situation and the petrochemical industry policy. On the other hand, due to his own academic literacy and long-term persistence in learning, he has various kinds of petrochemical industries at home and abroad. The understanding of new technologies, new products and new equipment is very deep. To this end, in the petrochemical industry in Zhejiang, as long as you talk about Chen, you are convinced: that is, a "chemical encyclopedia."

In 2006, the Zhejiang Petrochemical Industry Association was established. At the request of the enterprise, the company started to build a “think tank” for the petrochemical industry – the industry technical expert committee, and Chen Director became the director of the technical expert committee. Under his auspices, the "think tank" team has grown and expanded year by year, and has played an increasingly active role. Among the talents recruited by the “think tank” are university professors, experts in research institutes, and senior engineers who hold important technical positions in enterprises. The Association uses the "think tank" platform to bring together technical experts scattered in various fields so that they can work on local government departments while doing their jobs, and solve problems for enterprises and parks.

For example, in 2017, the Technical Expert Committee reviewed the feasibility report of more than 80 projects in more than 30 units in the Shangyu Development Zone; reviewed the standardization plan for 15 construction projects of more than 10 chemical companies; , Shaoxing, Paojiang, Lin'an and other more than 10 cities and parks, chemical industry planning, safety risk assessment, the creation of special parks, etc.

In 2018, Chen, who has been over the ages, is still busy and still full of energy. In order to conduct research and do research, he ran to the company for three days in a hot day, but never shouted. The industry association is a non-profit organization. The technical expert committee is much more like a public welfare organization. He has devoted a lot of time and energy, but he can't talk about material returns. Whenever the other person yelled at him, he always smiled: "Want to do so much money, now I can do something for the enterprise and the industry, indicating that my Communist Party member is not old, and it has some effect. This is very it is good."

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